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I welcome any opportunities to help others discover more about wine! My wine club and tastings aren't the only ways I can serve you! If you need a personal sommelier for your next event or if you'd like to have a wine expert on your podcast or maybe you want to feature a sommelier's opinion on pairings in your next article... whatever the case may be, I'm just an email away from helping you fall in love with wine just a little bit more!

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Join Casleah On The Grande Dame Podcast

Casleah is the founder of By the Stem, which is a wine blog and Instagram account, where she shares her adventures in wine. She is a certified Sommelier, a wine educator, a wine influencer and is now a wine ambassador in Southern California. Her interest in wine has truly turned into a life passion and she approaches the wine world in a positive, fun and authentic way.


Join Casleah On The Uncorked Corner Podcast

Today we welcome Casleah Herwaldt to the show from By The Stem and the Casleah Wines. In this episode, Casleah tells us how she was inspired to become a certified sommelier and how this passion grew from a social media following to starting her own wine label.


Join Casleah On The Women Wine & Weed Podcast

On this episode it's all about how to taste wine! We have Sommelier Casleah Herwaldt on the show, and she walks us through the way to technically break down a wine and how to find out what you like to drink in the process. We talk about how deep rooted one can be in life and love, but also how sometimes the career you never knew you wanted, could be right under your nose.


Join Casleah On The Wine Situation Podcast

This week Ellen is back with a wonderful sparkling rosé by Ultraviolet Wines!! Per the usual it’s a terrific woman-made wine. Elle also has rewatched Sideways, so you don’t have to. Does she still hate it? Tune in to find out!

And lastly, Elle calls Casleah Herwaldt, the superpower behind By the Stem, creator of Casleah Wines, and more!


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