Beach Essentials

california living May 15, 2019

Here’s all my favorite things to bring to the beach!


First and foremost, the WINE! And what better than canned wine on the beach! I’m loving these carefully sourced wines from @egwineco


Next up, the chair! I cannot live without my Tommy Bahama backpack chair! It has a built in cooler to keep your wine chilled and an extra storage pouch. I found mine at Costco.


I love this table from @short_table_ it folds us super easily and is perfect to bring to the beach! I also love this bag from @packitcool to keep the wine chilled.


And I can’t forget my favorite cheeseboard from @homeeuphoria !! The cheese knives store inside the board! Perfect for the beach!


And if you’re not having canned wine, I definitely recommend plastic wine glasses!! Now you’re prepped to have a perfect beach day!! Comment below and let me know what else you like to bring! Cheers!!


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